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5 Emotionally Impressive TVCs From The Automotive Industry


These days’ brands are capitalising and promoting their message by creating engaging TVCs and ads, which are being loved by the masses. Gone are the times when the ads were merely a piece of information broadcast of a product that tells about its features, specifications, and benefits. The conventional is now out, and the new trend of emotional storytelling has gained momentum.

We all remember the Samsung ad knitted across their first personalized AI (artificial intelligence) voice assistant that can assist Motor Neuron Disease patients. The ad depicted very emotional mother-daughter bond. And who can forget the Google Search ‘reunion’ ad themed around India-Pakistan partition, where Google brings together Baldev Mehra of India and his childhood friend Yusuf from Pakistan after a period of six decades.

On similar lines, at present and in the past, even the automobile manufacturers have conceived ads that unify family, friends, and people of our great nation.  So here we have listed top 5 emotionally charged TVCs from the automotive industry. Let’s have a quick glimpse at them.

Bajaj Auto

None of us can fail to remember the Bajaj Auto TVC from the 90’s that took the nation by storm. The ad with famous jingle ‘Hamara Bajaj’ bonded the people of the nation with pride for being one of the very first two-wheeler brands to design and develop capable two-wheelers products in India. The ad featured different Bajaj models focussing on diverse class of consumers and their needs. In those days Bajaj creations, especially Bajaj scooters, enjoyed the status of no less than a family member in the household.

Hyundai Motors

The TVC, under the nostalgic ‘Brilliant Moments’ campaign, was released to commemorate the two highly successful decades of Hyundai Motor India. Titled as ‘Deal’, the ad portrays a family’s emotional attachment with the old Hyundai Accent and unforgettable memories that father and son share with Hyundai’s first sedan car. Unbreakable bond and childhood memories with the Accent desists the son from selling it to the buyer, which concludes the ad.

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M)

The ad or say 4.5 minute short film revolves around Mahindra e2o electric car and features Sanjay Mishra, acclaimed Bollywood actor, and TVF Pitchers famed Naveen Kasturia. Titled ‘Lift’ the ad is a part of ‘Driven by Goodness’ campaign by Mahindra. The ad begins with Naveen driving on the highway and is getting late to a birthday party. He’s stopped by Sanjay Mishra, who wants a lift but is not asking for it, instead unwillingly gets into Naveen’s e2o. On the way, Mishra does every possible thing to irritate him, who after tolerating enough asks Mishra to get down midway. Then follows a call on Naveen’s phone, which induces him to literally go out of the way and search for Mishra.

Maruti Suzuki

The emotional and heart touching ad spins around ‘Pehni Kya’, a road safety initiative by Maruti Suzuki. Every morning a 10-12-year-old son ‘Bunty’ does every possible thing to stop his father from driving the car out of their home premises. Once Bunty fits a sponge ball in the car exhaust, the other time he punctures/deflates the tyre, etc. However, he’s still unable to prevent his father from taking the car out and meanwhile irritated with his mischievous attitude one day his annoyed father asks him for an explanation for all these troubles. The answer from Bunty stuns his father, who then pledges for safety.

Hyundai Motors

The ad opens with an elderly uncle driving a Grand i10 sees that the glove box is constantly popping open. He drives into a Hyundai Service Point, where the Service Associate (SA) takes the note of glove box problem and is also asked for a car wash. Amid their conversation uncle receives a call where he shows gratitude to the other person on the phone and informs him about a small celebration tonight. The SA hears this and asks his front office person to get uncle’s customer profile and learns about his anniversary today. He places a gift in the car’s glove box and leaves uncle astonished with this pleasant surprise for his wife.

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