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JK-Tyre UX1 225/50 R 17 Tubeless 94 V Car Tyre

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Compatible Vehicles :
Audi A4, Audi A6, BMW 3 Series, BMW X1, Honda New Accord, Mercedes-Benz New C-Class

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Smooth Ride
Highly Stable
Low Noise

Description for JK UX1 225/50 R 17 Tubeless 94 V Car Tyre

Product Description:

The JK UX1 is a premium tyre designed for ultra-high performance and best-in-class comfort and handling. The tyre is equipped with excellent acceleration and braking capability which is the prerequisite of high-end luxury cars. The innovative rubber compound has been fashioned especially for maintaining high-speed stability and easy manoeuvring on dry tracks. The tyre also features straight circumferential channels which provide superior wet braking while the low rolling resistance helps in maximizing fuel economy. Moreover, the angular sipes offer high stability, better steering response as well as excellent grip on wet surfaces. The tread has been asymmetrically designed for strong performance on both dry and wet road conditions and is engineered for higher endurance. The optimized pitch sequence in the tyre curtails noise levels giving relax performance on the move at high speeds. Due to its all-round performance orientation, it has been an OEM tyre for leading luxury makers in India.

Features & Benefits

  • The Genetic Algorithm used in JK UX1 minimizes noise levels by optimizing tread pitch.
  • The ultra high performance and stable cornering capability is ensured by the use of an innovative rubber compound.
  • Asymmetric tread patterns improve overall traction and facilitate a combination of wet and dry track performance.
  • Variable groove geometry and sturdy shoulder blocks have been integrated for increased tread life.
  • The extra flexible and high-strength sidewall offer better handling at high speeds on the highways and strengthen manoeuvrability.
  • The JK UX1 releases minimal noise during high-speed acceleration and is known for silent running.
  • Unsurpassed ride comfort, as well as better durability, is guaranteed on Indian roads, as it prevents damages caused by potholes and abrupt roadside undulations.
  • The tyre has been made for excellent handling, extra grip and safety for high-end luxury saloons as well as luxury SUVs.

Load Index
Maximum Load
Speed Rating
Maximum Speed Limit
240 Km/ph
Construction Type
Tyre Weight
15kg (approx)
Warranty Summary
2 years Unconditional Warranty + 3 years Manufacturer warranty
Car Tyre
225/50 R 17
Vehicle Models
Audi A4, Audi A6, BMW 3 Series, BMW X1, Honda New Accord, Mercedes-Benz New C-Class
Low Noise
Smooth Ride
Highly Stable