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Ceat Fuelsmarrt 165/80 R 14 Tubeless 85 T Car Tyre


CEAT Fuelsmarrt 165/80 R 14 Tubeless 85 T Car Tyre

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Compatible Vehicles :
Maruti Swift, Maruti Swift Deca, Maruti Swift Dzire, Fiat Grande Punto, Fiat Punto Pure, Maruti Ritz

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Fuel Efficient
Excellent Dry & Wet Grip
Highly Stable

Apollo APTERRA AT2 - Bad Roads go to Good Places

The Apollo Apterra AT2 complements your SUV''s performance, giving you the ability to rule the tarmac, tracks and trails. The tyre has been built from the scratch for the roads that are not on your map. Its exceptional all-terrain performance comes with outstanding durability.

Available Apollo Apterra AT2 Tyre Sizes are:
265/60 R18245/70 R16
235/60 R16265/70 R17
255/60 R17235/65 R17
265/65 R17235/70 R16

Description for Ceat Fuelsmarrt 165/80 R 14 Tubeless 85 T Car Tyre

Product Description:

CEAT has been known to produce a diverse set of product and has something to cater to every section of the tyre buyers. The CEAT Fuel Smarrt is an affordable tyre aimed at pocket and mileage conscious customers. Every day commuting with pricey tyres can be a costly affair, which CEAT addresses efficiently with Fuel Smarrt passenger car tyres. The robust tread pattern along with the presence of advance polymer ensures that the fuel economy is on the higher side. Furthermore, the tyre offers greater stability even at higher speeds with the help of a wide contact patch. Additionally, the broad tread blocks make sure that the tyre does not endure deformation when tackling heavy loads at the corners and retain its true shape. With the CEAT Fuel Smarrt, the noise levels are also low that yield a smoother and quieter ride. The tread pattern is optimized to enable maximum water clearance and deliver high traction, which is perfect if you are looking for a reliable wet performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Made available in tubeless avatar, the tyre provides low rolling resistance that results in better fuel mileage.
  • It offers better stability even at high speeds owing to broad tread block that provide maximum contact between road surface and the tyre.
  • Advance polymer and tighter tread pattern enables greater fuel efficiency.
  • CEAT Fuel Smarrt tyre backs stable cornering, thanks to wide tread blocks and better stick to the surface.
  • Better traction of the tyre ensures improved and shorter braking distance in emergency situations.
  • With this tyre, the steering response is excellent and the tyre is able to handle tricky road undulations very well.
  • The tread pattern is such that it allows brilliant water dispersal leading to easy navigation through waterlogged streets without skidding.

Load Index
Maximum Load
Speed Rating
Maximum Speed Limit
190 km/ph
Construction Type
Tyre Weight
9kg (Approx)
Warranty Summary
2.5 Years unconditional warranty + 2.5 Years standard manufacture warranty
Car Tyre
165/80 R 14
Vehicle Models
Maruti Swift, Maruti Swift Deca, Maruti Swift Dzire, Fiat Grande Punto, Fiat Punto Pure, Maruti Ritz
Fuel Efficiency
Fuel Efficient
Excellent Dry & Wet Grip
Highly Stable
Short Warranty
5 Years Warranty

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Customer Reviews for Ceat Fuelsmarrt 165 80 R 14 Tubeless 85 T Car Tyre

Anuraag G on 26/05/2020
If you want to get faster ROI on your tyres, go for CEAT FUEL SMARRT. The tyres offer superior fuel efficiency and excellent grip. Road pakad ke chalta hai.

Kunal M on 26/05/2020
Value for money!