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Most Amazing Mercedes-Benz Merchandise Items You Can Buy In India


Mercedes-Benz is a well-known name in the automobile industry and considered as a premium brand. In 2018, this German global automobile marquee became the biggest selling premium vehicle brand in the world, having sold 2.31 million passenger cars. Apart from luxury vehicles, buses, coaches and trucks, Mercedes-Benz also sells a hot range of merchandise that anyone would love to get their hands on. Scroll through the list below to know about the most amazing Mercedes-Benz merchandise items you can buy in India.

Premium Watches

Watch is a piece of jewellery that enhances style and appearance. Immense craftsmanship goes into creating a high-end timepiece and it definitely doesn’t miss an observant eye as you carry art, history and a symbol of tradition on your wrist. Now, people just don’t wear a watch to check the time but to create an impression that is hard to ignore. That being said, wearing a Mercedes-Benz watch will reflect your true style. Outstanding design, intricate finishing and Mercedes-Benz logo to show off, it will be a perfect addition to your accessories. 

Exquisite Model Cars

Owning a Mercedes-Benz car is definitely a dream come true for those who have a fine taste in luxury vehicles. But being a premium brand, it is quite difficult to acquire. That doesn’t mean that one should not dream about owning it, right? Mercedes-Benz model cars are perfect to keep you hooked onto that dream. It is also a catch for those who have a model car collection as it is a prized possession. Made keeping intricate details in mind, it is something everyone should own, (irrespective of gender). 

Tasteful Bags

Love to arrive in style? Then this particular item is what you have been missing all along. Mercedes-Benz bags and luggage are the epitome of class, style and comfort. Their distinctive designs and premium quality will make you own more than one. Available in a myriad of sizes and styles, you can choose one for every kind of trip. Shoulder bag to handbag, suitcase to weekend bag, the choices will definitely spoil you. 

Bicycle For Fitness Lovers

Mercedes-Benz is also famous for its premium range of fitness bikes. Surely, you must have seen a handful on the roads as they are quite attractive and stylish. If you already own Mercedes-Benz car, afitness bike will look equally great standing next to it. Its exclusive design has a lightweight aluminium frame, innovative 73.7 cm (28-inch) wheels and a sporty, relaxing seat position ensures optimum ride comfort. The bicycle is not only a joy to ride but also combines technical reliability with high design standards.

Style Statement Phone Covers

Sturdy, classy, irresistible phone covers from Mercedes-Benz is another thing that every millennial would like to add to his/her list. Available in a variety of designs, colors and some even made from real leather, phone sleeves will keep your smartphone safe while also being visually attractive. Go ahead and pick the one that compliments your style and fit your lifestyle. Make your phone look unique among the rest.

So, which one are you going to grab first?

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