Backpacking Essentials For Your Road Trip



If you’re on a road trip, you need driving music. – Edgar Wright

Well, this is true indeed, but realistically you need something more with you to make your road trip safe and sound. Of course, you also feel the same; otherwise, you wouldn’t have been reading this article, isn’t it?

Now, when you are about to start your road trip and want to make it worthwhile for your soul, mind, and body; it is essential for you to know what exactly you must have in your backpack. It is especially important when you are on the Indian roads.

Yes, we are talking about the Indian roads which are generally considered as an example of poor infrastructure or inadequate maintenance, but these roads can take you to some insanely beautiful destinations. Moreover, you can have some unforgettable adventures of your life on these roads.


Backpacking Essentials

  1. A Road Map: Yes, we know that you have a Smartphone and are entirely aware of ‘GPS’ but what if the network of your mobile is not working properly on a particular area? This can happen to you when you are on the high altitude areas, such as the highway from Manali to Leh or in the vicinity of Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim. A conventional paper map may save the day for you.
  2. Hand Sanitizers: You must have enough stock of hand sanitizer and liquid soap with you while travelling on the roads of India. There are places on the highways where you may not get decent toilets, which means you will not get a chance to wash your hand properly if you do not carry these essentials with you. So, it is better to have them with you on your road trips in India.
  3. Hand and Face Towels: You must have it because the country lies in one of the hottest regions of this planet and the humidity is on the higher side. On top of that, the pollution is also notably high on these roads. A face towel is an essential part to wipe out the sweat while riding the vehicle.
  4. First Aid Kits: When you are on a road trip, you must be prepared for accidents and injuries. Hence, having a first aid kit with you is mandatory. Apart from all your regular medicines, you should have some drugs for emergencies. Bandages, motion sickness tablets, antiseptic creams, etc, must also be there in the kit.
  5. Paper Napkins and Newspapers: While driving a car on the Indian roads, you cannot forget to have newspapers and napkins. These objects will be useful in case you have to throw something in the roadside dustbins. Just wrap and throw them! The napkins would be handy to wipe your face and hands after using the liquid soaps.
  6. Power Bank: How can you forget that? Irrespective of whether it is a road trip or any other type of journey, the power bank is one of the essential gadgets that must be packed for every trip. The gadgets will help you to keep your phones charged, and you can stay connected (i.e., if you really want to while on an adventurous road trip) to the rest of the world.
  7. Some Safety Objects: Pepper spray, scissors, torch or flashlight, small knife, and matchbox are some of the objects that you should have with you in your backpack to be prepared for a sudden, dangerous and unwanted encounters.
  8. Extra Pair of Glasses: If you wear eyeglasses and have serious eyesight issue then you must have an extra pair of glasses with you while going on a road trip because the one you are using currently may get damaged during the trip and that extra one will be your companion for the rest of the journey.


Some Additional Crucial Things

Apart from the aforementioned things, which you must put in your backpack while packing for your next road trip by car on the Indian roads, there are a few others that you must consider to make your trip hassle-free and comfortable.

  • Proper Planning

Do not step out of your house without proper planning. Yes, you heard it right that ‘sudden plans are always beautiful,’ but in some instances, it can cost you a lot of trouble too. Hence, it is always better to plan your trip and then start your journey. Book the accommodation upfront if necessary, check the local weather of not only the destination but the route too. Chalk out the best possible route for your destination and ensure that your car tank is full.

  • Get Proper Information

Always help yourself with the proper and latest information about the places you are aiming to visit during your next road trip. What is the condition of the roads and how is the current climate of that place? Is it a safe place for a solo traveller or small families (in case you are travelling alone or with your family)? What are the route options you can have for that area? How much time will it take you to complete that journey? Do adequate research beforehand to ensure a smooth and joyful ride.

  • Last, But Not The Least

Music! Yes, it is! You should store all your favourite songs to your phone’s memory card or pen drive so that you can play them during the trip and enjoy your journey to the fullest.

They say; ‘the best thing about a road trip is, you do not need to reach the destination to enjoy your trip’ and it is absolutely true. A road trip can itself be an unforgettable experience for a passionate traveller if he knows how to make it the same. You will never understand the attraction of road trips if you have never tried one. Therefore, stop overthinking. Now, that you got the list; just pack your backpack and hit the road!

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