3 Awe-Inspiring Terrains In India To Test Your Vehicle’s Capability


India is bestowed with not just beautifully diverse cultures but also equally diverse and varying terrain. At any given time of the year, one can travel to the amazing destinations in our country and fall in love with its beauty, culture and diversity!

With nearly half of India’s working population being dominated by Millennials, our country has seen a surge in adventurous bike/ car trip since the last decade. Millennials are worth mentioning here because they see themselves as travellers in real sense. They prefer to be explorers rather than mere tourists. This generation is breaking all myths around exploration and setting new trends which are making the rest arise and take notice.

Keeping them in mind, here’s the list of some of the most challenging destinations of this beautiful country which you cannot afford to miss!

1. Tawang – A Taste of North-East

No road trip in India is complete without exploring the rough yet stunningly beautiful town of Arunachal Pradesh – Dawang, popularly known as Tawang.  The road up to the birth place of Dalai Lama takes two long days to reach. From the beginning, one will face a narrow muddy track which is laden with rocks. Apart from the geographical challenges one also encounters a lot of army lorries, tankers and jeeps loaded with passengers. Hence you end up making very slow progress in this region. As you climb higher, visibility is reduced to a few meters and a sudden change in weather conditions is a way of life in this region.

2. Rann – Dezvous with the White Salt Dessert

Do you need any further hint to guess the place which is going to feature now? Yes, I am talking about the Rann of Kutch! Amitabh Bachchan, in a famous Gujarat Tourism ad says “Kutch nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha.” The legendary Bollywood icon couldn’t have made a truer statement. Even if the roads are very well maintained in this region, the distances are crazy here. The long arduous journey to the world’s largest white dessert definitely needs some mental preparations before you start! The dry arid region and the searing sun can take a toll on you and the chaotic traffic you encounter while bypassing the city of Ahmedabad can be daunting and exhausting. In Kutch, you can easily lose your way but the localities are extremely humble and polite to guide you on your way back. The White Rann is a unique phenomenon and there can be only one word that can sum it up – mesmerizing. Kutch is a place that needs time, so don’t rush into planning a trip to this enchanting salty dessert.

3. Laden in Ladakh

Without any doubt the real fun in exploring this beautiful region of Jammu and Kashmir is by a vehicle, be it a motorcycle or car. You can travel as per your convenience, your route can be flexible, can take as many breaks as you want and moreover you can carry all your necessary belongings. Ladakh has always been the most favoured destination for an adventure junky because of the challenges one faces while exploring the vistas of the region! However thrilling it may sound the fact cannot be denied that it can prove to be quite dangerous and there are several things one must prepare for before planning a trip here!

Although the list is endless to plan more road trips, what is important is to do your homework before chalking a ‘my way on highway’ route.

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