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Yokohama ES501 235/40 R 18 Tubeless 91 W Car Tyre

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Description for Yokohama ES501 235/40 R 18 Tubeless 91 W Car Tyre

Product Description:

Yokohama ES501 is a tyre that comes from the companies ‘silent tyre’ category. It is built to offer utmost comfort and quiet ride quality by preventing against unwanted road noises. The ES501 is specially developed to offer outstanding steering response and manage appropriate stability at all times. The tyre prevents against irregular wear and gives noise-free ride quality which is guaranteed by 5-pitch variation tread pattern. The 4-straight channels enable the driver to pass through wet traction without any problem. Moreover, the tyre is capable of enhancing fuel economy and preventing itself against hydroplaning. The exceptional braking on wet surfaces is ensured by round sipes in the tyre. It boosts confidence level of the driver while negotiating roundabouts and narrow exits with excellent grip. Apart from ascertaining safe cornering at high speeds, the wide shoulder blocks assist in returning better steering response. Overall, the Yokohama ES501 is a value for money tyre that delivers class-leading performance in cities and highways alike.

Features & Benefits

  • The rounded sipes in the Yokohama ES501 tyre provide superior wet and dry braking.
  • The wide central rib enables excellent handling and stability on highways.
  • The five-pitch variation tread design pattern offers silent ride quality and reasonable comfort to the passengers.
  • The tyre features 4-straight channels that make it easier to pass through wet and slippery surfaces.
  • With unique rubber compound, the driver can traverse on dry traction without any hitch.
  • The Yokohama ES501 tyre integrates wide shoulder blocks that in turn, helps in better steering response and tackling corners with ease.
  • The tubeless tyre with varied rim dimensions can be fitted in a range of passenger vehicles.

Load Index
Speed Rating
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19kg (approx)
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