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Motul GREASESMotul Multi Service AP3 1 Kg GREASES

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Description for Motul Multi Service AP3 1 Kg GREASES

Technically, grease is a semi-solid, oily lubricant which is derived either from petroleum or is made of synthetic oil having a thickening element. It has a very high viscosity rate compared to oil. There are three main types of grease available such as AP grease, MP grease and EP grease. However, due to extensive usage, terms like car grease etc is very common these days.

What makes Motul Multi Service AP3 1 Kg GREASES lubricants so important?

Every two moving parts in a mechanical machine require lubrication from time to time. This is essential to avoid friction between the parts and unnecessary wear and tear of the car or heavy-duty vehicle’s engine or other parts such as suspension, brakes, etc.

The Motul Multi Service AP3 1 Kg GREASES, which carries up to 70 to 90 per cent of oil, acts as a semi-solid fluid between parts where normal lubricants or oils cannot be applied. However, do remember that oil and grease are not interchangeable.

They are fundamental to proper care of your car or heavy-duty vehicle. For heavy-duty vehicles, synthetic grease is good for 10 years. However, the ideal time to change them would be when the brakes are replaced.

Motul Multi Service AP3 1 Kg GREASES Lubrication vs. Oil Lubrication

To know when to use Motul Multi Service AP3 1 Kg GREASES you need to understand the nature of application. Here are the situations when you can use grease.

  • You want the lubrication to stay for a long time and that it should stick to the surface of application.
  • If you wish to seal out contaminants such as water or dust from the machinery
  • You may use it if you think that you may be using the machine less frequently
  • For worn components, the thicker films of grease cover up the component and increase its life. They can also provide better insulation compared to liquid oil lubricants.

Avoid using it in below two scenarios

  • If you want to keep your machine clean. Because when you apply grease and when the parts start to move the grease is spread all over making it look dirty.
  • If the machine has a fine or fast-moving mechanism, the semi-solid nature of the grease may create a kind of resistance.

Buy Motul Multi Service AP3 1 Kg GREASES online

To ease the buying of greases from different companies, you can now select the ideal Motul Multi Service AP3 1 Kg GREASES online as well. You can compare the traits of these greases along with their rates, and who knows you might end up getting a good deal which is not offered by any brick and mortar stores near you.

At Tyremarket.com, we are helping users purchase grease online by bringing different lubricants on one platform. You can search, select, buy and get the desired lubricant grease shipped to your doorstep. So, the next time you are shopping for tyres at Tyremarket.com do not forget to browse our lubricant section to know the latest offers or deals running on the engine oil lubricants and greases.

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